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Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp (TNXP.OQ) People



Dr. Seth Lederman, M.D., is Chairman of the Board, President, Chief Executive Officer of Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp. since October 7, 2011. Dr. Lederman became our President, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board and a Director in October 2011. Dr. Lederman founded Tonix Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company ("Tonix Sub") in June of 2007 and has acted as its Chairman of the Board of Directors since its inception and as President since June 2010. Dr. Lederman is an inventor on key patents and patent applications underlying our programs including: TNX-102 SL fibromyalgia; TNX-102 SL for post-traumatic stress disorder; TN

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Don't hire a financial advisor until you do this

Many advisors and financial institutions would love to manage your 401(k) account after you terminate employment. Of course, they'll charge you for this service, so you need to ask yourself if you'll be receiving good value for the fees you'll be paying.

Many advisors charge a percentage of your assets under management, with 1 percent per year being typical. Usually, this charge is on top of any investment expenses that come with mutual funds and/or the transaction costs of trading individual securities. One percent seems like such a small number -- it can't really make much of a difference, right? Wrong!

Let's look at an example that demonstrates how much money you'll be shell

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Auditor Jobs, vacancies in Johannesburg, Gauteng |

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The Secret Stories Behind Kempton Park Haunted Hospital South Africa

Ghost stories, particularly involving old and abandoned hospitals will really scare people, especially those who perceive ghost stories to be real. Kempton Park is just one of the many clinics around the world that are investigated by paranormal agents in order to determine if the ghost stories indeed are true. However, the investigation process yielded not only ghost stories and demonic recordings but secrets, involving doctors and patients as well.


After they shut their doors in 1997, when the management declared in 1996 that it was no longer accepting new patients due to severe shortage of medical staff, the local government entered into an agreement to revive it.

1 week ago

Rihanna Sues Accountants, Alleging 'Gross Mismanagement'

Rihanna, whose real name is Robyn Fenty, has filed a lawsuit against her former accountants alleging financial mismanagement and receiving "exorbitant and excessive" commissions.

In the lawsuit filed in a Manhattan court, according to the Wall Street Journal, the singer alleges her former accounting firm, Berdon LLP, and two accountants caused "significant financial losses." The "We Found Love in Hopeless Place" singer reportedly hired the accounting firm in 2005 at the age of 16 and she claims "gross mismanagement" of her fortune, which allegedly cost her millions during her 2010 "Last Girl on Earth" tour," according to Courthouse News.

The complaint states, "astonishingly, however, due to its improper financial arrangement with Fenty, Berdon paid itself millions of dollars in commissions for the Last Girl on Earth tour based on Fenty's gross receipts from the tour."

The singer claims to have pocketed 6 percent of total revenues, while paying out 22 percent to the accounting firm, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The lawsuit, alleges the accounting firm "...failed to follow applicable industry standard accounting and business management practices, as alleged herein. In particular, plaintiffs are informed and believe, and on that basis allege, that, among other omissions and failures, defendants' recordkeeping and accounting methods failed to provide sufficient information and/or detail regarding, and/or failed entirely to account for, Plaintiffs' revenue and expenses and failed to ensure maximization of Plaintiffs' revenue and Fenty's personal net worth and long term wealth."

According to Courthouse News, the lawsuit alleges mismanagement of the Barbados singer's taxes and poor financial advice concerning the purchase of a home. The complaint alleges, "....that of the millions of dollars in excessive commissions earned by Berdon from 2005 through September 2010, Berdon provided time sheets for only 17 percent of the time billed for work done on Fenty's accounts. Indeed, nearly 75 percent of the invoices Fenty received from Berdon contained little or no explanation or description of the work done by Berdon's employees, despite the fact that some employees purported to spend anywhere from two to 10 hours per day working on Fenty' s accounts."

A spokesperson for Rihanna did not immediately return Accounting firms in Johannesburg an email request for comment. An answering service for Berdon stated the accounting firm was closed for the day.

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The fraud detectives. - Free Online Library

To fight soaring white collar crime, South Africa has turned to the

intriguing science of forensic accounting.

The case of the Reverend Alan Boesak, ANC activist and former

religious leader, has been an educative experience for the South African

public. Mr Boesak set up the Commission for Freedom and Justice, an

organisation dedicated mainly to child security and education. He

solicited funds from such diverse donor organisations as Danish Aid, the

Coca Cola Foundation and the singer Paul Simon - but he is now facing

charges of embezzlement and theft involving a total of R9m.

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